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Sections of By-Tor and the Snow Dog

By-Tor X-1

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Unlike other multi-part Rush suites, it seems most people just don't know the multiple sections of By-Tor and the Snow Dog, whether it be their names or when they begin/end.
Understandably so, because it's kind of split in an odd way, quite differently from what I hear as four distinct sections in my mind when listening.
So here it is, for the record:

I. "At the Tobes of Hades" 0:00
II. "Across the Styx" 0:35
III. "Of the Battle" ---
i. "Challenge and Defiance" 1:10​
ii. "7/4 War Furor" 1:47​
iii. "Aftermath" 4:40​
iv. "Hymn of Triumph" 6:28​
IV. "Epilogue" 7:32
I didn't even realize Of the Battle was divided into it's own sections, let alone where it started and ended, and the first two sections are only half a minute each? In my mind, if a song needs timestamps to communicate where its sections start and end, then the song isn't really structured enough to warrant having this many parts. This list strikes me as a vague collection of names that only seem connected to the song lyrically, if at all.
That's understandable considering this is their first sectioned song, and their later pieces are certainly much more clear in this regard. Even on Caress of Steel, there isn't much doubt about where sections start and end.
Sometimes, I forget just how early in their career Fly By Night was. It's a fantastic record considering how young the group were, there's just some occasional presentation issues like this that the band aced on their later albums.
And then you have La Villa Strangiato divided into twelve sections. Which 45-second section is "A Lerxst in Wonderland?" I guess we'll never know...
I agree it's structured very weird. Personally, in my mind I hear four parts: the beginning with the lyrics, the battle, the aftermath, and the epilogue. Makes much more sense that way.
Actually, I do have a similar type of list for La Villa's sections somewhere. I'll try to find that and get it posted soon.