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Rush Instrumentals and a Different Countdown


New member
A compilation of instrumental tracks from tracks that weren't originally instrumental:

A Passage to Bangkok
Closer to the Heart
Headlong Flight
Red Barchetta
The Camera Eye
Tom Sawyer
Vital Signs
Witch Hunt

Quaterspheres - this is a track I developed just screwing around, from Hemispheres

Countdown - remixed by me from the 5.1 sector box set, there is no NASA chatter in this version

Download link:
Cool stuff! Neat to hear some of the subtle things that got buried in the original mix.
5.1 sector box set
That’s the version of Signals I ripped and started listening to after it came out, which was at least ten years ago? I think a lot of fans of the synth era haven’t ever heard it and would get a kick of it. There’s enough differences that make you wonder why they chose to put on wax the versions of songs they did, especially “The Weapon,” and even a couple of Al’s solo’s have bits you can’t hear on the official LP.
I know, and it’s awesome. There are a lot of subtle differences. Its almost like they used a different take for the album for the 5.1 mix
Its almost like they used a different take for the album for the 5.1 mix
I am almost positive some of Ged’s vocals on “Subdivisions” are from different takes, not to mention how further into the background Neil’s voice is in that mix.