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Power Windows Warm-Up Tour Setlist Info

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  • Note that this "warm-up tour" is technically just an extension of the Grace Under Pressure tour after an approximate three month break.
----------------Setlist A----------------

Dates: March 11, 1985 - March 15, 1985

Main Set:
- Intro ("The Three Stooges" theme)
- The Spirit Of Radio​
- Subdivisions​
- The Body Electric​
- The Enemy Within​
- The Weapon (with Count Floyd intro)
- Witch Hunt​
- The Big Money
- New World Man (with "Get Smart" intro)
- Between The Wheels​
- Red Barchetta​
- Distant Early Warning (with extended intro)
- Red Sector A​
- Closer To The Heart (extended)
- Middletown Dreams
- YYZ Medley​
- Drum Solo
- YYZ (reprise)
- 2112: Temples Of Syrinx
- Tom Sawyer
- Red Lenses (with bass solo)
- Vital Signs Medley​
- Vital Signs
- Finding My Way
- In The Mood
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