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Audio Power Windows Demo Tape (1985)

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Track Listing:

01 - Middletown Dreams​
02 - The Big Money​
03 - Mystic Rhythms​
04 - Marathon​
05 - Emotion Detector​
06 - Grand Designs​
07 - Territories​
08 - Manhattan Project​


  • This demo tape is from early or mid 1985, and features early versions of all Power Windows tracks with some alternate lyrics and arrangements.
  • The early versions of The Big Money and Middletown Dreams are identical to those played during the short Power Windows Warm-Up tour of March 1985.
UltimoGuitarist (5 December 2007) (COUNTERPARTS) said:
Alright guys. I think I've stumbled across a rare gem that no one out there has or has heard.

Our drummer showed played me a cassette tape of Power Windows in its entirety before it was even taken to the recording studio. That's right, sort of like a pre Power Windows personal recording of Alex's.

Now, he says that he's probably the only one who has it, and here's why.

Apparently a friend of his was walking downtown in Toronto, and Alex Lifeson's son had this tape, and was shouting out, "Listen to my dad's new album Power Windows!!" etc. And this friend of my drummers was given the tape by Lifeson's son, and then gave it to our drummer since he knew he was a hardcore Rush fan.

So now our drummer has this tape, and he's certain that no one else has it, so I wanted to check in with you guys to see if anyone else out there has it, and whether or not its worth it to make it public.

For the record, he played the tape for me, and I listened to Manhattan Project, and he wasn't lying. Completely different arrangements and a nice home made sound to recording. It's like sitting in the house with them while they jam. Quite amazing.

So he's going to back it up to CD, and give me a copy, and I'll make it public for you all to hear if this is something that no one knows of. So let me know.

This isn't one of those lame threads of someone just making up BS for something to do. I wouldn't yank your chains. This thing is real, and I'm willing to share it with you guys if you wanna hear it. I'm gonna stay on him and make sure he puts it to CD for me.


This tape will have to be repaired at some point. Spending some time listening to it reveals a bunch of speed-ups and slow-downs. Not to mention a bunch of tape flutter. I would love to hear a properly mastered/mixed version of this recording. It already sounds really unique, given how it has a bit of that old GUP sound with the guitar and some of the GUP synths like the PPG (I would assume) being used.
Long-standing rumor is Alex’s son gave a copy of the original cassette to a friend (no one knows when) and, well, here we are.
Long-standing rumor is Alex’s son gave a copy of the original cassette to a friend (no one knows when) and, well, here we are.
I personally have my doubts about that rumor. It seems too good to be true.