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My Rush Tickets


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I have no idea if these are of interest to anyone out there, but just in case.... Feel free to use the images, I make no copyright claims on them.

Sometime around late 77 early 78, my cousin played me 2112. I was hooked.

Gig 1 - 16 Feb 78 Glasgow, Scotland - I was a 15 year old spotty, long haired youth. I sat up in the circle, looking down on the band - great view - Well impressed with the Twin Neck guitars => Rush_16_Feb_78_Glasgow Ticket

Gig 2 - 21 Sept 79 Bingley Hall, Stafford, England - for those who've never been there, this is a massive hall used primarily for cattle sales..... honestly. They must have cleaned it out well, It didn't smell => Rush_21_Sept_79_BingleyHall Ticket
Years later I found a poster for the gig, whilst at Uni. => Rush_21_Sept_79_BingleyHall Poster

Gig 3- 10 May 79 - Birmingham Odeon, England - This time I waited ( in the rain ) around the back of the hall & met the guys. After getting their autographs, I asked Neil why he'd shaved his moustache ..... He looked disgusted, said "Because I wanted to !! " , then turned around & left. - Sorry, Neil ! => Rush_10_May_79_Birmingham Ticket

Gig 4 - 17 June 80 - Manchester , England - Again I met the guys - well not Neil ... he probably saw me & did a runner :) => Rush_17_June_80_Manchester Ticket

Gig 5 - 30 Oct 81 - Bingley Hall, Stafford, England - In the Cow Shed again, This may have been the gig Geddy asked us to show our respects for some fans that had died in a car crash on the way to the gig. I remember being well impressed with the Red Barchetta video. => Rush_31_Oct_81_BingleyHall Ticket

Gig 6 - 14 May 83 - NEC , Birmingham, England - This is now getting to UK Arena size. => Rush_14_May_83_Birmingham Ticket

Gig 7 - 24 April 88 - NEC , Birmingham, England - Last Rush gig for a while. Synths & wierd haircuts don't do it for me ... It looks like I bought the ticket in January => Rush_24_Apr_88_Birmingham Ticket

I gave up on the band around this time. Moved to Germany, Got married, had kids etc etc

I must have heard "Vapor Trails" at some stage .... I have some more of that , thank you !

Gig 8 - 19 Sept 04 - Stuttgart, Germany - getting back to their roots.... that's more like it fellas ! => Rush_19_Sept_04_Stuttgart Ticket

Gig 9 - 21 Oct 07 - Mannheim, Germany => Rush_21_Oct_07_Mannheim Ticket

Gig 10 - 29 May 11 - Frankfurt, Germany - 33 years after my 1st Rush gig ! I am now bald ( Prophecy from "Caress of Steel" ? ) => Rush_29_May_11_Frankfurt Ticket

Regrets ?

I wish I had seen them more. But having checked, I notice :- I'd never heard of them before 77, & apart from the 16 years in the middle, where I thought they were trying to become Depeche Mode, I did see them at least once of every European leg of their tours.

I wish I hadn't sold my signed & non-signed programmes, some T-shirts & various other rarities ( Geddy-Bob & Doug - Great White North Single )

I wish I could still fit in my T-shirt from '78

Must most of all, I wish my wife & kids liked Rush. I can't hang up the Rush poster(s) in the Bedroom - Anyone out there need a slightly used German family ?

I just need to get the Bootlegs of the concerts I was at.
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Amazing! I wish I had been to all those tours. I only got to see Time Machine and Clockwork Angels before they stopped touring. Thank you for sharing all of this!
Yes, thanks for sharing. I'm always interested in hearing about the experiences others had at shows - especially in the 70s and early 80s when first-hand accounts tend to be more sparse.