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Interview Early 1990 - Rush Profiled: Presto Radio Interviews

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Track Listing:

01 - Rush Profiled​
02 - Geddy Station Liner 1​
03 - Geddy Station Liner 2​
04 - Alex Station Liner​
05 - Neil Station Liner 1​
06 - Neil Station Liner 2​
07 - Geddy, Do you think Presto is different from previous albums?​
08 - Geddy, What do you think your new producer Rupert Hine brought to Presto?​
09 - Geddy, The bass line of Show Don't Tell is kind of like a lead bass line.​
10 - Geddy, Who played the keyboard parts on Presto?​
11 - Geddy, You've always used foot pedals on stage to trigger keyboard parts. Are you going to have a real keyboard player on this tour?​
12 - Geddy, Who's voice is that at the end of Chain Lightning that goes "that's nice"?​
13 - Geddy, On the song Scars you drop from your normal high range of singing into a lower range. Why?​
14 - Geddy, What is the song Anagram about?​
15 - Geddy, How do you, Alex and Neil write songs together?​
16 - Geddy, How do you feel about singing Neil's lyrics?​
17 - Geddy, What was your first big gig in the U.S. like?​
18 - Geddy, Capturing a good live performance on tape is not easy. Yet Rush has three live albums out. Why?​
19 - Neil, What is Chain Lightning about?​
20 - Neil, Tell us about Red Tide.​
21 - Neil, What were your intentions in writing The Pass?​
22 - Neil, What is Scars about?​
23 - Neil, Tell us about the title track Presto.​
24 - Neil, In the liner notes for Presto you thank Mike Roberts "for the acorn of Superconductor". Who is he?​
25 - Neil, Tell us about Hand Over Fist.​
26 - Neil, What is Available Light about?​
27 - Alex, Do you see Presto as a step in a direction away from previous Rush records?​
28 - Alex, How did the cover for Presto come about?​
29 - Alex, Who is the Wrabit Wrangler?​
30 - Alex, Has your friendship with Geddy and Neil been a critical factor in the longevity of the band?​
31 - Alex, Would you agree that Rush is a "thinking man's hard rock band"?​
32 - Alex, Has drawing the line between creating art and selling a product ever been a problem for Rush?​
33 - Alex, Has Rush ever considered corporate sponsorship?​
34 - Alex, Rush is known for its really diehard fans. Why do you think they're so dedicated?​


  • This is from an official promotional CD that features interview responses by each band member, as well as several station liners by each band member to be used by radio stations. The interview questions are not recorded on the CD, rather only written in the liner notes. I have transcribed all the questions and featured them as the track listing. A last minute idea of mine was to use a text-to-speech program to have an audible representation of the questions, therefore making the interviews easier to listen to. The first track is a somewhat longer program that features a host retroactively playing a small handful of the interview responses, focusing largely on premiering Show Don't Tell, Presto, Chain Lightning, and The Pass.