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CD Burning Request! 10 December 1976 - Passaic, New Jersey


New member
I bought the silver CD/DVD set of This Passaic show from RZ Records upon arrival I noticed that the CD was quite scratched up on the data side but felt if it played ok I'd accept it, it did not play. At about 8:30 into 2112 it starts dragging and at 9:00 it stalls completely and will not play any further. Upon contacting RZ Records I was told that he would not warrant the set and that it is buyer beware when buying shows from him. So I find myself with a CD that is unplayable. I don't have the ability to download and I wanted to ask if there might be someone out there who could burn me a copy of the 1976-12-10 - Passaic, New Jersey *recommended* version of this show? I am of course willing to send blanks and a self addressed stamped envelope so whomever might be willing to help me out would only have to take the time to burn me the show. I'm in Los Angeles so you know where I'm at. If your able to help out please email me at the following address: wanyettop@gmail.com
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this message. Happy Holidays!
With Kind Regards,