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Audio 9 January 1986 - Pensacola Civic Center, Pensacola, Florida [Soundcheck] [Audience]

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Syrinx Computers


Track Listing:

01 - Guitar & Drum Tests 1​
02 - Guitar & Synth Tests 1​
03 - Guitar & Synth Tests 2​
04 - Red Sector A Tests​
05 - Guitar & Drum Tests 2​
06 - Guitar & Bass Tests​
07 - Guitar & Drum Tests 3​
08 - Instrumental Tests​


  • This is a very rare soundcheck recording, as there are only very few soundcheck recordings known from the 1970s and early/mid 1980s.
  • This is an extremely obscure recording, seemingly undocumented anywhere online, and not really known about in circulation with Rush bootleg collectors. At some point in the past, I had once seen a soundcheck recording for this date noted somewhere, but for years had not been able to find any evidence of its existence.
  • Similarly to some other soundchecks, no full songs are played, though in this case there isn't any real instrumental jamming from the band either. This is very much a recording showing a soundcheck for what they really are, basic instrumental testing to make sure everything is set up and working right in the venue. Luckily there is a little bit of instrumental noodling here and there, the most standout parts being Geddy practicing some vocals on Subdivisions and Red Sector A, as well as Geddy displaying some really amazing sounds from his PPG Wave synthesizer.
  • There is also a recording of the main performance that was played at this venue.