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Interview 5 October 1987 - Rockline: Geddy Lee Interview

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Track Listing:

01 - Intro / Recording HYF / Force Ten​
02 - Why the positive change in musical attitude over the last three albums?​
03 - What musicians influenced HYF? / Is Alex's guitar taking a back seat on HYF?​
04 - What helps you connect melodies to Neil's lyrics?​
05 - What musical training did you have before joining Rush?​
06 - Origin of the name "Geddy"? / What is "The Omega Concern"?​
07 - How did Aimee Mann get involved? / What are the three spheres on the HYF cover?​
08 - Have you picked the HYF tour setlist yet and will it have older songs?​
09 - How has Rush stayed together for so long? / Will you be making more albums?​
10 - What is different about touring now compared to when you first started?​
11 - Will you be doing another live album after this tour?​
12 - How do you feel about Rush being "ahead of the times"?​
13 - Will the HYF songs be easier to play live compared to Power Windows songs?​
14 - What inspired the eastern musical styles in Mystic Rhythms and Tai Shan?​
15 - Will you be producing other artists' albums in the future?​
16 - Are you confident with your voice and how do you feel about people insulting it?​
17 - Why does Neil write all the lyrics?​
18 - Have you ever done a movie soundtrack? / Will you be playing Second Nature live?​
19 - Did you ever consider hiring another band member specifically for lead vocals?​
20 - What is Rush's musical direction for future albums?​
21 - Does anyone in Rush plan on doing solo albums or outside collaborations?​
22 - Outro​


  • This is an interview with Geddy Lee on a national broadcast of the "Rockline" radio program, hosted by Bob Coburn, on 5 October 1987 a few weeks before the Hold Your Fire tour.