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Audio 5 February 1988 - The Forum, Inglewood, California [Audience]

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Syrinx Computers


Track Listing:

01 - The Big Money​
02 - Subdivisions​
03 - Limelight​
04 - Marathon​
05 - Turn The Page​
06 - Prime Mover​
07 - Manhattan Project​
08 - Closer To The Heart​
09 - Red Sector A​
10 - Force Ten​
11 - Time Stand Still​
12 - Distant Early Warning​
13 - Lock And Key​
14 - Mission​


  • This recording is missing the last third of the show, which would've featured Territories, YYZ, Neil's drum solo, Red Lenses, The Spirit Of Radio, Tom Sawyer, 2112's Overture, Temples Of Syrinx, La Villa Strangiato, and In The Mood.