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Audio 25 April 1979 - The Apollo, Glasgow, Scotland [Audience]

Rush Archives

Syrinx Computers


Track Listing:

01 - Anthem (cut)​
02 - Something For Nothing​
03 - The Trees​
04 - Cygnus X-1​
05 - Hemispheres​
06 - Closer To The Heart​
07 - A Farewell To Kings​
08 - La Villa Strangiato​
09 - 2112​


  • This recording captures part of Anthem, but for some reason was cut off and is missing A Passage To Bangkok, By-Tor, and Xanadu, starting again right before Something For Nothing.
  • The encore is also missing from the recording, which would've been Working Man, Bastille Day, In The Mood, and Neil's drum solo.
  • There is also a very quick cut in the middle of Cygnus X-1.
  • Circumstances was dropped from the setlist towards the end of the Hemispheres tour for all European dates, which would have been from April 23 and onward.
  • This is easily the worst sounding recording from the Hemispheres tour, it's hardly listenable due to all the heavy distortion. This recording will likely only be of interest to someone who actually attended this concert.