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Audio 23 May 1979 - Gothenburg Concert Hall, Gothenburg, Sweden [Audience]

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Track Listing:

01 - Anthem​
02 - A Passage To Bangkok​
03 - By-Tor And The Snow Dog​
04 - Xanadu​
05 - The Trees​
06 - Hemispheres​
07 - Closer To The Heart​
08 - A Farewell To Kings​
09 - La Villa Strangiato​
10 - 2112​
11 - Working Man​
12 - Bastille Day​
13 - In The Mood​
14 - Drum Solo​


  • Alex's guitar must've malfunctioned right as the show started, leaving Geddy and Neil to start playing Anthem without any guitar. Alex joins in about 25 seconds into the song.
  • Alex has guitar trouble again later in the show, with a false start during the acoustic introduction to A Farewell To Kings. According to an attendee, Alex had sound issues picking up his mounted nylon-string acoustic during the intro to AFTK, which also caused him to use electric on La Villa's intro.
  • This is another very good audience recording, which I'd place on the higher end of Hemispheres tour audience recordings.
  • There is a slight drop in quality during 2112 and onward, coinciding with the taper, or someone next to him, saying "Okay". Even though 2112 is seamless and cut free, this could suggest that there were two different tape recorders, with the second tape starting when the first tape was close to running out. If this theory is correct, then it would seem that at a later point the two tapes were carefully edited together for a seamless transition during 2112.
  • Circumstances was dropped from the setlist towards the end of the Hemispheres tour for all European dates, which would have been from April 23 and onward.
  • Something For Nothing and Cygnus X-1 were also dropped from the setlist towards the end of the tour for all continental European dates, which would have been from May 17 and onward.