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Video 23 March 1977 - Kitchener Memorial Auditorium, Kitchener, Ontario [Audience 8mm]

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Song Segments Captured:

Bastille Day​
Lakeside Park​
2112: Overture​
2112: Temples Of Syrinx​
2112: Presentation​
2112: Soliloquy​
2112: Grand Finale​
The Twilight Zone​
Something For Nothing​
By-Tor And The Snow Dog​
The Necromancer​
In The End​
Working Man​
Finding My Way​
Working Man (Reprise)​
Drum Solo​
Fly By Night​
In The Mood​
What You're Doing​


  • This footage was shot by Daniel Graham during the All The World's A Stage tour. Restoration and audio sync by The Genesis Museum.
  • As with any 8mm audience footage from this era, full songs and concerts were not able to be captured due to the short length of the film reels.
  • Also as is the case with many 8mm reels of the era, the film used did did not concurrently record audio, so the resulting footage was silent. However, in our present day era, it is fairly easy to sync these old silent 8mm film clips with audio bootlegs. Since there is no known audience audio recording of this date, audio of the 17 April 1977 concert in Washington, DC (as well as others) were used to sync and bring more life to this very rare footage of Rush.


I'm adding a comment here to get this thread seen in recent posts, since an audio sync has now been completed and shared by The Genesis Museum.
The YouTube link above has been updated, and a copy has been added to the download link. The download link also still retains the silent raw video that surfaced last month.

There's a lot to unpack in this that everyone should make note of.
  • It's the first time we see that projection during Temples of Syrinx, a Star Trek fan would recognize that alien from the season 1 episode "The Corbomite Maneuver". Some old documents state they used images from Star Trek, well this is it! (I'm now being told you can faintly see the alien in the Columbus 1977 8mm as well, which beforehand wasn't obvious what you're seeing there, but in hindsight it's a lot more obvious now what it is)
  • It's extremely cool to finally see some footage of The Twilight Zone, a song they only played for approximately 5 months. Note how Alex uses his doubleneck on the song, I didn't know.
  • Geddy playing sitting down during the quiet part of By-Tor, something you don't see with Rush. We knew Ged brings out his doubleneck here in preparation for The Necromancer, based on some audience commentary in the Dec 31 audience audio recording, but of course it's really cool to see.
  • Also extremely cool to finally see footage of The Necromancer. We also knew Geddy uses his doubleneck to play rhythm guitar on Return of the Prince on the ATWAS tour, but again, it's really cool to see. Before they introduced an early version of Xanadu around April 24, this was the song Geddy first used his doubleneck for starting in late 1976.
  • Neil using mallets on In The End, that's new and interesting to see.
  • The mini guitar Alex comes out with at the conclusion to Neil's drum solo is possibly unique to this show, or at least done very few times. I'd spent days trying to figure it out, but I'm not certain what it is. An acquaintance of mine feels certain it is something called a "Mando guitar", so that could be what it is.
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