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Audio 22 December 1974 - Electric Lady Studios, New York City, New York [Soundboard]

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Track Listing:

01 - Finding My Way​
02 - Best I Can​
03 - In The Mood​
04 - Anthem​
05 - Need Some Love​
06 - Fly By Night​
07 - Here Again​
08 - Bad Boy​
09 - Guitar Solo​
10 - Working Man​
11 - Drum Solo​


  • Old bootleg releases of this recording reference the date to be 5 December 1974 (no performance on this date), but official tour listings seem to date it for 22 December 1974.
  • This soundboard recording was broadcast live on FM radio, while Rush performed in front of a very small audience at Electric Lady Studios, hence Geddy's quiet speaking voice.
  • Originally recorded and broadcast by WQIV FM radio in 1974.
  • This recording features an early live version of Fly By Night with alternate lyrics and arrangement, as well as an early live version of Anthem.
  • Early pieces of By-Tor And The Snow Dog can be heard during the middle section of Working Man.


  • For some reason YouTube incorrectly flags Anthem as the studio version, therefore blocks this particular recording from being viewed in all countries besides Canada. You can still view the video if you use a Canadian VPN, or alternatively view the edited version here which omits Anthem.