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Video 21 October 1977 - Will Rogers Auditorium, Fort Worth, Texas [Audience 8mm]

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Song Segments Captured:

A Farewell To Kings​


  • This footage was shot by a pair of brothers (“The DFW Rock Show”) during the A Farewell To Kings tour. Audio sync and restoration by The Genesis Museum.
  • As with any 8mm audience footage from this era, full songs and concerts were not able to be captured due to the short length of the film reels.
  • Also as is the case with many 8mm reels of the era, the film used did did not concurrently record audio, so the resulting footage was silent. However, in our present day era, it is fairly easy to sync these old silent 8mm film clips with audio recordings. Since there is no known audience audio recording of this date, audio from another concert was used to sync and bring more life to this very rare footage of Rush.


Short, but awesome. I'm very happy that we're finally starting to find AFTK tour footage. Second only to the Kitchener 8mm that was found last summer.
2024 may continue the trend of 2023, with a bunch of significantly rare Rush recordings continuously being unearthed. I can say I'm confident on that.
Aside from the official vids, we had pretty much NOTHING for Kings era visually, so seeing anything is pretty awesome. Segmented as they may be, I'm still a huge fan of 8mm 'moving pictures'. Last year was great for new discoveries, so I'm looking forward to whatever may come.
Alex and Geddy are wearing the same kimonos they wore at their show in Calgary. I almost flipped seeing these as it brings me back to that time. Neil's bangs are longer. They were cut real short for the AFTK show I saw September 11, 1977 at the Stampede Corral. Alex's hair is also longer and Geddy's is a bit longer and more fluffy and he's not wearing a sort of papal like sash or stole on the back of his kimono here. This is beautiful! The only proof I have of being at that show in YYC is Ian Mark's photo of Max Webster from behind the audience and I'm hanging right off the front of the stage between the two boys I went with. Geddy dressed up as Karl Marx while MW was on stage and I asked Martin Popoff about that show regarding Neil "practicing" behind the backdrop when MW was on stage. He wrote back Neil did do that and left me with his question of "how many times?". So anyone who was at this show, MW was one of the back up bands and you may just have heard Neil playing along with them. Thank you for these videos! This picture from the Corral is still not claimed by any photographer, it is not Ian Mark's. I asked Donna Halper if she might have any ideas and her best guess was a local news outlet. It is the photo that began my "RUSH journey" into AFTK because I knew I was there. I love it. I'm so glad we connected, William. I can't thank you enough.


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