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Audio 20 December 1981 - Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, Connecticut [Audience]

Rush Archives

Syrinx Computers


Track Listing:

01 - 2112: Overture / Temples Of Syrinx​
02 - Freewill​
03 - Limelight​
04 - Hemispheres: Prelude​
05 - Beneath, Between And Behind​
06 - Subdivisions​
07 - The Camera Eye​
08 - YYZ​
09 - Drum Solo​
10 - YYZ (Reprise)​
11 - Broon's Bane​
12 - The Trees​
13 - Xanadu​
14 - The Spirit Of Radio​
15 - Red Barchetta​
16 - Closer To The Heart​
17 - Tom Sawyer​
18 - Vital Signs​
19 - Working Man​
20 - Hemispheres: Armageddon​
21 - By-Tor And The Snow Dog​
22 - In The End​
23 - In The Mood​
24 - 2112: Grand Finale​
25 - La Villa Strangiato​


  • This recording features an early live version of Subdivisions.
  • There is an old rumor that claims an alleged soundboard recording of this show has been among private collectors for decades, however a trusted acquaintance of mine who has been a Rush bootleg collector for decades has pretty confidently debunked this rumor. Long story short, he theorizes the rumor has its roots in the fact that people were/are so often confused by how great the quality of this audience recording is, that some confidently assumed it was recorded from the soundboard, and over time people referring to "the Hartford soundboard" it started being taken as a factual existence. In regards to former sound engineer Ian Grandy being asked about a Hartford soundboard, my acquaintance figures Ian assumed Skip (the interviewer) knew what he was talking about (in reference to a Hartford soundboard), and in faulty memory Ian assumed Skip was referring to a different show he recorded around this time, one which has not ever leaked publicly. If you doubt plausible fault in Ian's memory, note how in the linked interview he refers to the Caress Of Steel tour as the "Drive 'Til You Die" tour, which was actually nickname for the A Farewell To Kings tour, as well as claiming he "doesn't remember recording Detroit '78, but must have done so".