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Audio 2 June 1977 - Free Trade Hall, Manchester, England [Audience]

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Track Listing:

01 - Bastille Day (cut)​
02 - Anthem (cut)​
03 - Lakeside Park​
04 - 2112​
05 - Xanadu​
06 - By-Tor And The Snow Dog​
07 - The Necromancer​
08 - Working Man​
09 - Finding My Way​
10 - Working Man (Reprise)​
11 - Drum Solo​
12 - Fly By Night​
13 - In The Mood​
14 - What You're Doing (cut)​


  • This was Rush's second performance outside of North America.
  • These European dates at the end of the ATWAS tour mark the first appearances of the entirety of Discovery being performed during 2112, which would carry into the next two tours.
  • This recording features an early live version of Xanadu with alternate lyrics, "the miracle of ages coming true".
  • This recording also features one of eight known rare live recordings of The Necromancer.
  • In The End has now been dropped from the setlist, most likely to allow for more time to perform Xanadu which had replaced The Twilight Zone.
  • Some versions of this recording are missing Bastille Day, Anthem, and What You're Doing, however the recommended version features all of these songs.
  • This recording cuts off temporarily during the final instrumental flourishes of Bastille Day, but starts again near the beginning of Anthem.
  • This recording is missing Something For Nothing, which would've been played between Xanadu and By-Tor, and is not available on any versions of this recording.
  • This recording is also missing Best I Can as the final song of the last encore, and is not available on any versions of this recording.
  • Alex breaks a string as Geddy starts singing the verses to Return of the Prince, forcing Neil and Geddy to play alone while his guitar is hurridly swapped out, then comes back in at perfect timing as Geddy delivers "another land to darken, with evil prism eye".