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Audio 19 May 1984 - Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, British Columbia [Audience]

Rush Archives

Syrinx Computers


Track Listing:

01 - Intro​
02 - The Spirit Of Radio​
03 - Subdivisions​
04 - The Body Electric​
05 - The Enemy Within​
06 - The Weapon​
07 - Witch Hunt​
08 - New World Man​
09 - Between The Wheels​
10 - Red Barchetta​
11 - Distant Early Warning​
12 - Red Sector A​
13 - Closer To The Heart​
14 - Afterimage​
15 - YYZ​
16 - 2112: Temples Of Syrinx​
17 - Tom Sawyer​
18 - Red Lenses​
19 - Drum Solo​
20 - Red Lenses (Reprise)​
21 - Vital Signs​
22 - Finding My Way​
23 - In The Mood​


  • The Count Floyd intro dialogue for The Weapon appears to be unique, or at the least a lesser used version, because it is slightly different from what I've always been familiar with hearing.
  • This is a recording that has only publicly surfaced relatively recently, and seems to be among one of the best quality audience recordings from this tour.
  • During the very beginning notes on Between The Wheels, the wrong synth patch is played before being quickly corrected.