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Audio 18 May 1979 - Maeke Blyde, Poperinge, Belgium [Audience]

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Track Listing:

01 - Anthem​
02 - A Passage To Bangkok​
03 - By-Tor And The Snow Dog​
04 - Xanadu​
05 - The Trees​
07 - Hemispheres​
08 - Closer To The Heart​


  • As you hear during the introduction before Anthem, "for the first time ever in Belgium", this is one of two times Rush ever played in Belgium, the other being in 1983 during the Signals tour.
  • This is a very good audience recording, which quite surprised me, I'd place it on the higher end of Hemispheres tour audience recordings. It sounds like a small audience in a small venue, which would account for how well this recording sounds. There is not a lot of crowd noise, and the band feels right in front of you.
  • This recording is incomplete, cutting off after Closer To The Heart, so is missing A Farewell To Kings, La Villa Strangiato, 2112, Working Man, Bastille Day, In The Mood, and Neil's drum solo.
  • Circumstances was dropped from the setlist towards the end of the Hemispheres tour for all European dates, which would have been from April 23 and onward.
  • Something For Nothing and Cygnus X-1 were also dropped from the setlist towards the end of the tour for all continental European dates, which would have been from May 17 and onward.