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Audio 18 June 1980 - Manchester Apollo, Manchester, England [Audience]

Rush Archives

Syrinx Computers


Track Listing:

01 - 2112 (cut)​
02 - Freewill​
03 - By-Tor And The Snow Dog​
04 - Xanadu​
05 - The Spirit Of Radio​
06 - Natural Science​
07 - A Passage To Bangkok​
08 - The Trees​
09 - Cygnus X-1​
10 - Hemispheres​
11 - Closer To The Heart​
12 - Beneath, Between And Behind​


  • This recording starts during the guitar solo at the end of 2112's Presentation, so is missing most of 2112, then cuts off immediately after Beneath, Between And Behind, so sadly does not capture the remainder of the setlist.
  • The live tracks included in the Permanent Waves 40th Anniversary set feature soundboard recordings stated to be from Manchester, however some could be from the first night on June 17. I will update these notes when I have the time to meticulously compare the recordings just as I did for the Hammersmith tracks to denote the exact dates.
  • It may be worth noting that there was an incorrectly labeled recording for a "third" Manchester show on "June 19" in circulation, entitled "Manchester England", which does not coincide with tour listing documentation, as there were only two shows performed in Manchester in 1980. It turns out that tape is exactly the same as this June 18 recording.