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Video 17 May 1990 - Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario [Soundcheck] [Audience]

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Track Listing:

01 - Toronto Soundcheck 1990​


  • This is a very rare instance that a soundcheck from this era is also captured on video.
  • The audio and video sources seem to have likely been captured by two different people, however I'd say about 90% of each recording captures the same parts. The part where they differ is that when Alex is messing with his guitar towards the end of the video, the audio cuts off while this is happening, and jumps to a later part of the soundcheck that is not captured in the video.


Wow! I have this in audio-only form that was of unknown origin at the time I downloaded it. Glad to finally know where it comes from. I absolutely love the Geddy-only Subdivisions starting at 1:35; would love to have a version like that of the whole song.
A higher quality version of the Soundcheck was uploaded by the Taper recently. One thing I found interesting was that on the master tape, there's some tape bleed at 0:45 seconds. The Taper (William G) taped over a different show for Rush lol. You can see a small cut in this 2nd gen copy where the tape bleed happens at 0:35. Here's the copy from the Master Tape.