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Audio 13 November 1976 - Rockford Armory, Rockford, Illinois [Audience]

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Track Listing:

01 - Bastille Day​
02 - Anthem​
03 - Lakeside Park​
04 - 2112​
05 - The Twilight Zone​
06 - Something For Nothing​
07 - By-Tor And The Snow Dog​
08 - In The End​
09 - Working Man​
10 - Finding My Way​
11 - Working Man (Reprise)​
12 - Drum Solo​
13 - Fly By Night​
14 - In The Mood​


  • This is the earliest recording of a headlining ATWAS tour concert known to exist, predating the December 31 Maple Leaf Gardens recording by a month and a half.
  • This recording features one of only three known rare live recordings of The Twilight Zone, which was later swapped with an early Xanadu by April 24 of 1977.
  • This is the earliest recording to feature Geddy using the Moog Taurus synth pedals, which he would add to Lakeside Park and By-Tor for the remainder of the tour. The Taurus pedals can also be heard on The Twilight Zone in this recording, the same as with the other two known recordings of the song.
  • This concert was recorded by Mark Moore, who also recorded Rush earlier in 1976 on March 5 at the Randhurst Arena.
  • This recording appears complete, though we can consider the possibility that a second encore could've been performed, which would've consisted of What You’re Doing and perhaps Best I Can. However, considering the lack of known 1976 headline ATWAS tour recordings, we can only speculate on that possibility, based on the limited documentation available.
  • The Necromancer was apparently not being played yet this early during the ATWAS tour, which is likely to have been added to the setlist when Geddy first started using his doubleneck Rickenbacker sometime in late December. Until the early Xanadu was introduced to the setlist in April 1977, Geddy's only use for his doubleneck on stage was to play rhythm guitar during the Return of the Prince section of The Necromancer.


I've replaced the video in the main post with the entire concert upon its full release.


Great news everyone, like our early sampling of I Think I'm Going Bald from Mark Moore's March 5, 1976 tape, here's an early sample of one of Mark's other Rush recordings: The Twilight Zone from November 13, 1976. The main post above has been edited with a link to the Twilight Zone video, and has now been moved into public view.

Many thanks again to Mark Moore for recording a very important and rare concert from a scarcely documented era of Rush. Dedicated in his memory, rest in peace.
Of course, many thanks as well to AKAV, Jim B, and Mark's son for continuing Mark's legacy. All you guys are great.

Until I incorporate this into my own notes in the main post, I'll copy/paste the video description which is important to read as well, as it provides another strong interesting theory:

"Rush ended a string of concert dates on the west coast in Medford, Oregon on November 4, 1976. It appears Rush had been playing the same songs as heard on the All the World's a Stage album up to November 4th, 1976. A review for the October 26th, 1976 show in Vancouver stated their "show was almost identical to their 'live' album, All the World's a Stage". A review for the Portland, Oregon show on October 30th, 1976 stated "The show lasted 75 minutes (with encore)" which is approximately the same running time as All the World's a Stage. Following a nine-day break, Rush returned to the stage on November 13th at the Rockford Armory. Mark Moore was in the audience with his portable cassette recorder to capture what is presumed to be the first live concert performance of Rush playing The Twilight Zone from their 2112 album. This is one of only three known recordings of Rush playing The Twilight Zone live. Enjoy!"
As of a few minutes ago, the full concert is finally available on YouTube for everyone to hear. The video embeds above have been updated accordingly.

At the moment, the lossless audio files are still not yet available, but once they are, we will be adding a download as soon as that happens.