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Audio 12 December 1985 - The Centrum, Worcester, Massachusetts [Audience]

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Syrinx Computers


Track Listing:

01 - The Spirit Of Radio​
02 - Limelight​
03 - The Big Money​
04 - New World Man​
05 - Subdivisions​
06 - Manhattan Project​
07 - Middletown Dreams​
08 - Red Sector A​
09 - Closer To The Heart​
10 - Marathon​
11 - The Trees​
12 - Mystic Rhythms​
13 - Distant Early Warning​
14 - Territories​
15 - Witch Hunt​
16 - YYZ​
17 - Drum Solo​
18 - Red Lenses​
19 - Tom Sawyer​
20 - 2112: Overture / Temples Of Syrinx​
21 - Grand Designs​
22 - In The Mood​


  • This is the first of two consecutive nights Rush played at The Centrum in 1985.
  • This is the last of five total shows at the very beginning of the PoW tour that Witch Hunt was played towards the end of the show, right before YYZ.
  • Starting with their next concert on December 13, Witch Hunt was performed much earlier in the show, right after Middletown Dreams.
  • It is worth noting that physical CD versions of the "Le Gran De Tuning" bootleg, and other downloads of this title on the Internet, incorrectly move Witch Hunt to the setlist placement seen later in the tour, however this is 100% incorrect, likely done by someone who did not know about the early setlist variant. Close analysis of the audio of several transitions between songs proves the song was not moved yet. Due to this mix up, nearly all online sources for setlist info will incorrectly state Witch Hunt was moved beginning on this date. The "Le Gran De Tuning" download provided here is ordered correctly. The other version of this date, simply "Worcester, MA '85", is also in correct order.