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Audio 11 March 1975 - Roxy Theater, Northampton, Pennsylvania [Soundboard]

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Track Listing:

01 - Intro​
02 - Finding My Way​
03 - Best I Can​
04 - What You're Doing​
05 - Anthem​
06 - By-Tor And The Snow Dog​
07 - Bad Boy​
08 - Guitar Solo​
09 - Working Man​
10 - Drum Solo​
11 - In The Mood​
12 - Need Some Love​
13 - Outro​


  • This is one of only three known shows recorded from the Fly By Night tour.
  • While the initial date for the performance was March 10, it was actually held March 11, having apparently been postponed due to the band's tour van breaking down.
  • This concert was originally recorded and broadcast by WSAN AM radio in 1975.


QueenFan11 (25 December 2018) (Guitars101) said:
Merry Christmas everyone! I have one hell of a present for all- a previously uncirclulated Rush bootleg!

I have an account on setlist.fm, and I noticed that a setlist for the Rush's Northampton, 3/10/1975 concert (at the Roxy Theater), had been filled out. The person who added the songs said that they had come across a mixing board recording from a local radio station. I asked them if they had a copy and they said they did, and they sent me the files.

What a treat we have here. This is only the third Fly By Night Tour bootleg (after Cleveland 4/7/1975 and Toronto 6/25/1975). Being a radio broadcast, the quality is flawless. Better yet, the show is complete! It also has the first recorded performance of "By-Tor and the Snow Dog".

Mr Sabbath (28 December 2018) (Guitars101) said:
Thanks for sharing. I was at this show & I can tell you for FACT that the date is WRONG. The correct date is March 11, 1975. Here is what happened. We were all in our seats waiting for the show to begin & someone came out and made an announcement that the bands van with all their equipment broke down & the band couldn't make it. They played the very next night. Slim Pickens (a local band) were the opening act. So, take it from someone who was there. The date is March 11, 1975 & thanks again for the show.

Mr Sabbath (28 December 2018) (Guitars101) said:
Just started listening to the show. What memories. If anyone doesn't believe my story about the show being pushed back to March 11th then listen to what Geddy says at the intro to Anthem. He says, "Sorry about yesterday, seemed everybody was against us yesterday". He was referring to the postponement I mentioned in the comment above. Also, I recall when they played the Beatles cover Bad Boy. Geddy asked if anyone had the Beatles album it was on. I was the only one who raised my hand & Geddy saw it & said "Only one". Thanks again for the memories. I was at several shows at this venue. Hopefully there are soundboard recordings of Budgie, Judas Priest, UFO, Piper (Billy Squier's 1st band), The Babys, Cheap Trick, Thin Lizzy. I could go on. Shows were sponsored by local AM station WSAN.

Mr Sabbath (29 December 2018) (Guitars101) said:
Rush were the headliners, Slim Pickens were the opening act. Yes I agree a 61min set is short but they only had the first album out as "Fly By Night" just came out about a week before the show. Also, when WSAN sponsored these concerts there were always TWO shows. One at 6:30 & the other at 9:30 (the theater only held 300 people). So Slim Pickens plays for about 30min 20min to break down their set & set up for Rush who started about 7:30 played til 8:30 & it was time to let the people out so the 9:30 crowd could come in. Again, this was a movie theater they were playing at, not a concert hall.