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Audio 10 February 1986 - Tucson Community Center Arena, Tucson, Arizona [Audience]

Rush Archives

Syrinx Computers


Track Listing:

01 - The Spirit Of Radio​
02 - Limelight​
03 - The Big Money​
04 - New World Man​
05 - Subdivisions​
06 - Manhattan Project​
07 - Middletown Dreams​
08 - Witch Hunt​
09 - Red Sector A​
10 - Closer To The Heart​
11 - Mystic Rhythms​
14 - Distant Early Warning​
15 - Territories​
16 - YYZ​
17 - Drum Solo (cut)​


  • This recording is missing Red Lenses, Tom Sawyer, 2112's Overture, Temples Of Syrinx, Grand Designs, and In The Mood.
  • The original SHN files feature Marathon and The Trees, however the files are corrupt and can not be played or converted. Despite this, the original checksum passed for all files, since the files were likely corrupt before they were even circulated. Due to this, Marathon and The Trees are not part of the FLAC set, but the original SHNs are retained in case the data can somehow be recovered later.