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The Big Money (1985) [FULL LENGTH Music Video]

By-Tor X-1

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This is the FULL LENGTH music video for The Big Money. What you likely haven't ever realized, the version of The Big Money music video that is uploaded on the official Rush YouTube channel and featured on the Rush Chronicles DVD, is approximately 40 seconds shorter than the full studio track. I know I hadn't realized this myself until someone mentioned it to me recently. So it would seem that version is basically a single edit, which you'll tend to find sometimes with single releases where songs are slightly shortened for promotional use, such as radio airplay.

Where does this full length video come from then? It is found as a bonus at the end of the original VHS release of Rush's "Grace Under Pressure Tour" video concert. As far as my research has shown, the US version of the Grace Under Pressure Tour VHS is the only release that features the full length music video, as well as on the obscure "CD Video" format (not to be confused with laserdisc).

If you're familiar with the shortened video, or compare the two, you'll notice small bits of footage that were shortened or removed from the full length version, although nothing substantial was cut, so don't expect anything too revelatory. The best part is simply having a music video for the full song that you probably didn't even know you were missing.

Apparently no one has ever uploaded it on YouTube over the years (but I now believe this is due to copyright blocking in all countries besides Canada), so since I still own (and occasionally use) a VCR, I didn't hesitate to go on eBay and purchase the Grace Under Pressure Tour VHS. I captured the footage with an "Elgato Video Capture" USB device that I've had for quite a while. To polish the final result, I cut out the VHS audio and replaced it with the audio from the remastered Power Windows CD in the "Sector 3" box set.


Unfortunately, YouTube currently blocks this video from being viewed in all countries besides Canada. However, you can view the video online by visiting this link to the Internet Archive.



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Doing gods work! You are awesome for grabbing this off the VHS for all Rush fans to enjoy. I was thinking of buying a copy recently because it's kind of obscure at this point but had no idea it had this video on it