Rush Interview in Dallas, Texas (17 October 1974) [Audio]


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Track Listing:

01 - KZEW-FM Dallas Radio Promo
02 - Interview in Dallas, Texas

This is the earliest known interview with the band, from the debut tour of 1974. Neil had only been in the band for about 11 weeks at this point.
This interview was conducted and recorded by Don Moore and David Buell, who met with the band after their performance at a nightclub called Travis Street Electric Company in Dallas, Texas.



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I attached a second video above for a 1974 KZEW-FM radio promo, which was also uploaded on YouTube by David Buell.
I also added a download link for the MP3s to ensure these recordings can be preserved among fan's saved files, so in the chance they one day disappear from YouTube, it's not gone forever.

I've attempted communication with David Buell, who originally uploaded these videos, in attempt to get a lossless quality version preserved, but no luck on receiving a response.
So I apologize to those of you who would prefer a lossless version, but I take what I can get and am just grateful that we even have it.