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Roll The Bones World Premiere / Interview (3 September 1991) [Audio]

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1991-09-03 - Roll The Bones World Premiere

Track Listing:

01 - Part I - Introduction / Dreamline
02 - Part II - Bravado
03 - Part III - Roll The Bones
04 - Part IV - Where's My Thing?
05 - Part V - Heresy
06 - Part VI - Conclusion

This interview is a radio special broadcast to promote the release of Roll The Bones.


This is a draft transcript. Please be patient, as this is 20 minutes of work to only get 1 minute into the video.

Four...three...two.... one... we have ignition. Annnnd liftoff.

Dan Nier: And good evening North America my name is Dan Nier. I'm coming to you live from the studios of Q1o7 in Toronto Canada. Along with me is uh Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson of Rush. And we're gonna play a bunch of their fine new recording, Roll the Bones for the United States and for Canada. Now is that true gentlemen? Understanding guys what we're doin' here.
Geddy Lee: That's what I thought.
Alex Lifeson: I think so.
Geddy Lee: That's what I think I think so, yea.

Dan Nier: Ok, well, how ya doin man? I uh, understand this... this particular album Roll the Bones renewed enthusiasm for what you do. Could you.. take off on that a little bit?
Geddy Lee: Elaborate, you mean?
Dan Nier: Or elaborate, sure.
Geddy Lee: Sure uh (laughs)
Dan Nier: (laughs)
Geddy Lee: Um, let's go back I guess to the end of the uh, Hold Your Fire Tour which was kind of a long and exhausting tour. And I think at that point everyone was getting a bit uh frustrated and a little down on touring and... umm... not very positive, shall we say. Um, then we go to the Presto Album, recording of that went very smoothly and and things were... feeling quite good to the uh that process. I think it was through the mix, when we were in London, the three hanging out together, we started talking about plans for the tour. The upcoming tour Presto.
Dan Nier: (Interrupts) Playing Volleyball.
Geddy Lee: Yeah, doing all the good stuff, and uh, things started seeming more positive than they had in a long time. And that carried on through the Presto Tour, which was kind of a a a shorter, more carefully arranged tour. And, we had such a good time on that tour that (clears throat) you know things started to snowball for us I think in a in a very positive way. And carried through making this album, so I'd say we..it's very optimistic right now.
Alex Lifeson: I think it's important to note too that we took about uh seven months off after the Hold Your Fire Tour, before we started working on Presto. Which was by the longest time by a factor of at least 2 1/2, that we'd ever taken off before. Uhh it gave us...
Dan Nier: (Interrupts) So by quick calculations, that's about two months you've taken off before
Dan Nier: (laughs)
Geddy Lee: (laughs)
Alex Lifeson: Yeah, yeah, it's two months... good, very good
Dan Nier: Thank you, I'm gettin' it. (laughs)
Alex Lifeson: And he only used a calculator. You didn't use that uh ruler thing.
Dan Nier: Yeah. (laughs) exac..
Geddy Lee: (laughs)
Alex Lifeson: And it was, it was really important, I think, for us to get away and kind of divorce ourselves from uh, everything that we do for a living. Um.
Geddy Lee: Yea, it it was a really matter of, priorities had.. we were starting I think to resent having the band as the priority all the time.

Dan Nier: Mhm, well, I guess it works so well that 'cause from what I understand on this track that you guys cut short your vacation to go record, right? (2:40)
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