Rockline: Geddy Lee Interview (21 May 1984) [Audio]

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Track Listing:

01 - Intro / Geddy hit in head by flying object during concert.
02 - Why did it take so long to release Grace Under Pressure?
03 - What's the meaning behind the cover and title of Grace Under Pressure?
04 - What's the meaning of the Fear Trilogy?
05 - Are you planning on using video screens on future tours?
06 - Have you ever wanted to hire an additional keyboard player?
07 - How did you get involved with Bob and Doug McKenzie?
08 - Why did Terry Brown leave Rush?
09 - Voice in The Necromancer and Grand Finale? / Why By-Tor went from evil to good? / Geddy's favorite bassists.
10 - What's the significance of the red star on 2112?
11 - Will there be another live album in the future?
12 - What do the baseball positions on the Signals album mean?
13 - How did you come up with the name Rush?
14 - Are you and Alex going to pursue solo careers?
15 - Is it hard putting emotions into lyrics you didn't write, and does touring take a toll on you?
16 - Are you going to do any music videos for Grace Under Pressure?
17 - Do you sing your songs in French in Canada? / Origin of "Rocinante".
18 - Why did you change your sound for A Farewell To Kings?
19 - Will you be doing any older music for the upcoming tour?
20 - Did the Moving Pictures title or cover come first? / Moving Pictures cover details.
21 - Do you like Devo? / Keyboard Influences and Usage / Outro

This is an interview with Geddy Lee on a national broadcast of the "Rockline" radio program, hosted by Bob Coburn, on 21 May 1984 during the Grace Under Pressure tour.