Rockline: Geddy Lee Interview (18 November 1985) [Audio]

By-Tor X-1

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Track Listing:

01 - Intro / Writing New Songs & Short Warm-Up Tour
02 - What are your feelings on your albums when they're first released?
03 - Why was the September 1984 Toronto concert filmed? / Will Terry Brown return to Rush?
04 - Is Steve Morse's band going to be opening for Rush on the Power Windows tour?
05 - How will you get the choir and string effects from Marathon live in concert?
06 - Were the lyrics or music written first for Rush's longer pieces?
07 - Did any specific events inspire songs on Power Windows?
08 - Difficulty in writing the melody of Manhattan Project.
09 - What is the musical direction of the band for future albums?
10 - What is the theme and outlook of the lyrics in Middletown Dreams?
11 - What are your thoughts on the cover art of Power Windows?
12 - What lessons did you learn from the difficulty of recording Hemispheres?
13 - How do you determine the setlist for a tour? / Additions to the stage effects?
14 - What are your personal goals for the future? / Alex's involvement in Platinum Blonde?
15 - What do you do with your fan mail? / What do you think about fanatic Rush fans?
16 - Do you and Alex ever plan to write lyrics again?
17 - What is the "haunted child" sound in Witch Hunt?
18 - How did you get involved in "Tears Are Not Enough"?
19 - Are you and Alex going to do solo albums? / Has Alex gotten into painting?
20 - Is Neil going to publish a poetry book?
21 - What are the band's current goals? / Outro

This is an interview with Geddy Lee on a national broadcast of the "Rockline" radio program, hosted by Bob Coburn, on 18 November 1985 a few weeks before the Power Windows tour.