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Mystic Rhythms - AI Separated Stems


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Hey all,

So glad I discovered this forum, I love bootlegs, and I love Rush. Best of both worlds! Props to @By-Tor X-1 , your archival work here is incredible!! Hope this is okay to post, please move or take down if not.

Recently started playing around with various AI stem separators, so far it seems like LALAL.AI is the best of the bunch that I've tried. It's a paid service, so I figured I would upload my results here for fellow Rush fans to take a listen.

LALAL.AI lets you separate using the following presets:
Vocal and Instrumental / Voice and Noise (these are pretty similar...the noise one would be more suited for video work)
Electric guitar
Acoustic guitar

You have to choose the preset individually, it then spits out two files: the "split", and the "no split". I separated them all (minus the noise preset), to see how it would react with Mystic Rhythms.

So what's the purpose behind an AI Music Separator Service? DJs, Remixers, and Producers benefit from this mostly. Video editors that have an interview where there's too much background noise. People that like karaoke tracks could also benefit from an AI service like this. For me, I just love hearing multitrack and stem files! I'm a studio and live sound engineer by trade, so I find it fascinating hearing different production techniques. I have a collection of Rush stems from Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and Jammit if this forum is interested, I can upload them.

My other reason besides enjoying a good stem listening session: I'm a drummer of 15 years and love playing Rock Band (have my Roland TD-11 rigged up to it), and would love to see more Rush custom songs charted. You can chart your own songs with either a stereo file or a multitrack session, and figured it would be fun to have proper instrument separation. Don't think this worked well enough for this application, but I'm going to try mixing them in Logic and see if I can blend the Splits/No Split files to create something useable!

As a whole, they aren't amazing...but the drum stem, vocal stem, and instrumental are a pretty cool listen! I have ~200 minutes left on my LALAL.AI account (you pay per minute per preset that is processed unfortunately, not per song...) so if there's any other Rush songs you want to see here let me know!

I've found Ultimate Vocal Remover to be really good. I use the GUI version. It's also completely free.
In the time I first tried this to now, the machine learning models used to make these stems have got even better. Loving UVR, thanks for the suggestion!

“Red Lenses”
Only 7 months late (sorry forgot about this thread)...but hey, like I said, the training models have only got better! This is using the htdemucs_6s model

Red Lenses:

The Big Money: