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Debut Single: Not Fade Away / You Can't Fight It (1973) [Audio]

By-Tor X-1

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1973 - Debut Single: Not Fade Away / You Can't Fight It *recommended*
The First Rush Single
The First Rush Single (ClickRepair)

Track Listing:

A - Not Fade Away
B - You Can't Fight It

This single was the first recording Rush ever released, preceding their debut album.
This single was only ever released on vinyl in 1973 in limited quantities estimated at only 500, and was never included on a full studio album nor any future releases.
Although these two songs were originally planned for inclusion on the debut album, they were ultimately scrapped.
Not Fade Away is a cover of a song originally by Buddy Holly. It was common for Rush to perform covers of songs during their early formative years.
Alex Lifeson explained that Rush used to play an extremely heavy version of Not Fade Away during their early years, but toned it down for this recording for better appeal.
You Can't Fight It is one of several original Rush compositions that the band performed only during their early pre-album years.


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