Backstage Special: Neil Peart Interview with Jimmy Roach (January 1979) [Audio]

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01 - Neil Peart Interview with Jimmy Roach (1979)

This is an interview with Neil Peart on WDVE 102.5 FM on the "The Backstage Special" program hosted by Jimmy Roach in Pittsburgh, in 1979 during the Hemispheres tour.
This interview was originally dated 1978, but I'm led to believe it was 1979 based on Neil saying they were "in Wales last year recording the Hemispheres album".
Research shows that Rush performed in Pittsburgh on 19 January 1979, so I think it's safe to assume Neil answered these questions for a prerecorded interview on this date.
The only detail I can't be certain of is the exact broadcast date, but was likely within a few days of the initial interview recording.
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