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Alex Lifeson Interview in Stuttgart, Germany (19 November 1981) [Audio]

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1981-11-19 - Alex Lifeson Interview in Stuttgart, Germany

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01 - Alex Lifeson Interview in Stuttgart, Germany (1981)

This is an interview with Alex Lifeson on SDR (Süddeutsche Rundfunk) Radio in Stuttgart, Germany on 19 November 1981 during the Exit Stage Left tour.
After my attempts to gather precise information by roughly translating the German dialogue, I have determined the date is Nov 19.
The host mentions Rush playing at the Sporthalle Böblingen in Stuttgart that night, then will be at the Black Forest Hall in Karlsruhe the following night, which were Nov 19 and 20 respectively.
Rush also performed in Stuttgart on the previous night on Nov 18, so all factors indicate this radio interview was held and broadcast in Stuttgart.

This interview was initially labeled as SWR (Südwestrundfunk) Radio, but my research shows SWR wasn't formed until 1998, as a merger of SDR (Süddeutsche Rundfunk) and SWF (Südwestfunk).
Even though both stations were in the German state of Baden-Wurttemberg, and collaborated from what I understand, they each broadcasted to their own target towns/cities within the state.
SDR was stationed in Stuttgart, and broadcast to Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, and Heidelberg. SWF was stationed in Baden-Baden, and broadcast to Baden-Baden, Arsenal, and Mainz.