9 April 1983 - Montreal Forum, Montreal, Quebec [Audio / Video - Audience]

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Track Listing:

01 - Montreal Radio Promo
02 - The Spirit Of Radio
03 - Tom Sawyer
04 - Freewill
05 - Digital Man
06 - Subdivisions
07 - Vital Signs
08 - The Camera Eye
09 - Closer To The Heart
10 - Chemistry
11 - The Analog Kid
12 - Broon's Bane / The Trees
13 - Red Barchetta
14 - The Weapon
15 - New World Man
16 - Limelight
17 - Countdown
18 - 2112: Overture / Temples Of Syrinx
19 - Xanadu
20 - La Villa Strangiato
21 - In The Mood
22 - YYZ / Drum Solo

The audio recording is from a completely different audience source than the video recording.
This is the second of two consecutive nights Rush played at the Montreal Forum in 1983.

Bootleg Titles:
A Change Of Synergy, A Digital Forum, Bonsoir Montreal, Visual Chemistry, Winter Skies


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Not only you, I'd probably forget again too. That's part of why I make notes in these threads so it's easy to search for, I just didn't think that specific line was significant enough to note.

For context to others reading this, Geddy says "Expo's cap" during The Analog Kid instead of "baseball cap".

Semi-related, but it looks like I need to upload the footage on my own channel so it can be viewed here without opening a new tab. I would have gotten around to doing so eventually anyway.