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8 May 2015 - BOK Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma [Audio - Audience]


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Track Listing:

01 - Intro: "The World Is... The World Is..."
02 - Clockwork Angels
03 - The Anarchist
04 - Headlong Flight / Drumbastica (Drum Solo)
05 - Far Cry
06 - The Main Monkey Business
07 - One Little Victory
08 - Animate
09 - Roll The Bones
10 - Distant Early Warning
11 - Subdivisions
12 - Interlude: "No Country For Old Hens"
13 - Tom Sawyer
14 - Red Barchetta
15 - The Spirit Of Radio
16 - Jacob's Ladder
17 - Hemispheres: Prelude
18 - Cygnus X-1 / The Story So Far (Drum Solo)
19 - Closer To The Heart
20 - Xanadu
21 - 2112
22 - Encore: "Mel's Rockpile"
23 - Lakeside Park
24 - Anthem
25 - What You're Doing
26 - Working Man / Garden Road (Teaser)
27 - Outro, Pt.1: "Exit Stage Left"
28 - Outro, Pt.2: "Closer To The Heart Polka"

This is the very first show of the R40 tour.
Geddy erroneously announces that this is the first time Jacob's Ladder has ever been played live, even though the song was performed during every show of the Permanent Waves tour.
Even though the setlist during the R40 tour had different songs swapped in and out every night, this was the only show of the tour that opened with Clockwork Angels versus The Anarchist.
This recording was remastered by combining two different audience sources from each side of the stage, ultimately producing a much fuller sound.
The download files featured here were updated on 16 June 2021.

Bootleg Titles:
A Long Road 2 Hear, Are You Fucking Kidding Me


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