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8 March 1990 - The Palace, Auburn Hills, Michigan [Audio - Pro Shot Film]

By-Tor X-1

Staff member

Twisted Perception

Track Listing:

01 - Force Ten *
02 - Freewill *
03 - Distant Early Warning *
04 - Time Stand Still *
05 - Subdivisions
06 - Marathon *
07 - Red Barchetta *
08 - Superconductor
09 - Show Don't Tell
10 - The Pass
11 - Closer To The Heart
12 - Manhattan Project
13 - Xanadu *
14 - YYZ *
15 - Drum Solo *
16 - Scars
17 - War Paint
18 - Mission *
19 - Tom Sawyer
20 - The Big Money *
21 - 2112: Overture
22 - La Villa Strangiato
23 - In The Mood

This is the first of two consecutive nights Rush played at The Palace during the Presto tour.
The Big Money is played during all shows of this tour up through March 28, which was then replaced in the setlist with The Spirit Of Radio on April 2 and onward.
This is the complete recording of the popular professionally shot Presto tour footage, albeit in a lower quality. In comparison to this upload, the official release of this footage entitled "Live From The Rabbit Hole" (bonus on the "Time Stand Still" DVD / Blu-ray documentary) is only about an hour long and consists of handpicked songs, however the quality of the official release is fantastic and seems to come from a very low generation source. Prior to the official release, the entirety of the footage was a circulating bootleg for many years on VHS and DVD, however only lower quality versions are known to have been seen in public circulation.
( * = not featured on the official release)

This page is for the audio downloads. For the video version, see this page.


Thanks for the heads-up on it being unblocked. I found this from May 16, 1990 while searching for the unblocked videos: