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8 March 1988 - Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario [Audio - Audience]


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Toronto, ON

Track Listing:

01 - The Big Money
02 - Subdivisions
03 - Limelight
04 - Marathon
05 - Turn The Page
06 - Prime Mover
07 - Manhattan Project
08 - Closer To The Heart
09 - Red Sector A
10 - Force Ten
11 - Time Stand Still
12 - Distant Early Warning
13 - Lock And Key
14 - Mission
15 - Territories
16 - YYZ
17 - Drum Solo
18 - Red Lenses
19 - The Spirit Of Radio
20 - Tom Sawyer
21 - 2112: Overture / Temples Of Syrinx
22 - La Villa Strangiato
23 - In The Mood

This is the second of two consecutive nights Rush played at Maple Leaf Gardens during the HYF tour, confirmed when Geddy says "nice to be back for our second night at the Gardens" after Limelight.
This recording surfaced relatively recently in June 2014, though seems to have possibly fallen under the radar.
There was one claim that this was a soundboard recording, however the band does not sound like they're coming from a board capture, rather just a very good audience recording.


Thanks for bringing this one to my attention! Apparently I did not have this date in my master hard drive compilation. I have the previous night on March 7, but not this one. It seems it may have surfaced relatively recently, possibly sometime around 2014, so I suppose not too many people had taken notice of it.

I've located the original lossless files elsewhere, so have edited the download link above, as well as formatted the text to match all other threads.

Beautiful sounding audience recording! Thanks again!
I thank you for having a great collection, I have some bootlegs here with me, I had a blog with more than 290 posts and this week Google deleted it, one day I intend to repost everything.
I did the artwork for the show so I wouldn't run out of art ...
That's sad and annoying that Google deleted your Rush blog. I used to live in fear of deletion as well when my website used to be hosted with a free forums service, which is part of what kept encouraging me to create this fully independent website.

If you have any other bootlegs that are not on my master list, please feel free to post them here. I'm still in the process of posting everything I have, and in the end I hope I won't be missing anything.

Feel free to take anything I've uploaded here and upload them to your blog as well!