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4 June 1979 - PinkPop Festival, Geleen, Netherlands [Audio - Soundboard]

By-Tor X-1

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Track Listing:

01 - A Passage To Bangkok
02 - Xanadu
03 - The Trees
04 - Hemispheres: The Sphere
05 - Closer To The Heart
06 - La Villa Strangiato
07 - 2112: Presentation
08 - 2112: Soliloquy
09 - 2112: Grand Finale
10 - Encore Interlude
11 - In The Mood / Drum Solo
12 - Something For Nothing

The last show of the Hemispheres tour.
The standard Hemispheres tour setlist was shortened for the PinkPop Festival due to a limited time slot on stage.
Due to reasons unknown, the recording was temporarily stopped during the first three parts of 2112, therefore no complete recording exists of this performance. Anthem was also likely played as the opening song. This show had an official release for the Hemispheres 40th Anniversary set, which cuts out the PinkPop version of 2112, and adds the version from the Offenbach show (28 May 1979) as the last track. The 40th Anniversary release claims 2112 to be from the Tucson show (20 Nov 1978), however segmented comparisons between the track and both bootlegs will clearly prove which recording it is from.

Bootleg Titles:
A Right To Passage, Live At Pinkpop Remastered, Live In Holland 1979, Pinkpop Festival, Pink Pop Upgrade, Praying For The Light, Rushian Roulette


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