31 March 1978 - Montreal Forum, Montreal, Quebec [Audio - Audience]

By-Tor X-1

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Track Listing:

01 - Xanadu
02 - A Farewell To Kings
03 - Something For Nothing
04 - Cygnus X-1
05 - Closer To The Heart
06 - Working Man
07 - Fly By Night
08 - In The Mood
09 - Cinderella Man

The beginning of this show is missing, which would have consisted of Bastille Day, Lakeside Park, and By-Tor all preceding Xanadu.
This recording is also missing Anthem and 2112, which would've been respectively before and after Closer To The Heart, as well as Neil's drum solo between In The Mood and Cinderella Man.
Old bootleg releases reference the date to be either unknown or December 12 of 1977, but official tour listings indicate the date to be March 31 of 1978.
Geddy references Montreal several times during this recording, and this is the only date that Rush performed in Montreal during the AFTK tour.

Closer To The Heart was improperly placed as the track following A Farewell To Kings, likely shuffled due to time restraints from the recording being originally released as a vinyl bootleg.
I have moved CTTH and put the setlist back in its proper order. I cut a few segments from tracks and moved these pieces around to try making the track transitions as seamless as possible.
The transitions between songs aren't perfect, though they weren't even perfect to begin with, especially with several songs missing between others, and crowd noise seems to have been cut.

Bootleg Titles:
3 At The Forum, Cinderella Kings, Fly In The Night, Three Hellions Come To Frogtown