29 September 1977 - Warnors Theatre, Fresno, California [Audio - Audience]

By-Tor X-1

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Track Listing:

01 - Bastille Day
02 - Lakeside Park
03 - By-Tor And The Snow Dog
04 - Xanadu
05 - A Farewell To Kings
06 - Something For Nothing
07 - Cygnus X-1
08 - Anthem
09 - Closer To The Heart
10 - 2112
11 - Working Man
12 - Fly By Night
13 - In The Mood
14 - Drum Solo
15 - Cinderella Man

Old bootleg releases label this recording for Sept 28 at the Selland Arena in Fresno.
We know Fresno is correct since it is mentioned during the intro, and Geddy mentions it after Bastille Day and during In The Mood.
However, accurate official documentation indicates Sept 29 at the Warnors Theatre is the only possible correct date and venue, as it was the only performance in Fresno during this tour.
Old bootleg releases swapped around Cygnus X-1 and Something For Nothing for some reason, I can only imagine to make this recording fit better on two CDs.
However these two songs were never performed in that order, and the random splices in the audio were jarringly obvious when listening.
For both the file download and YouTube video featured here, I have corrected the track order and improper audio splices which now flow seamlessly.
The only thing I could not fix is the irreversible fade in/out before and after Something For Nothing, and after Cygnus X-1, as I am not aware of an unmodified master source available.

Bootleg Titles:
Ron's Vault Release 5