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Audio 26 January 1980 - Mid-Hudson Civic Center, Poughkeepsie, New York [Soundboard]

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Syrinx Computers


Track Listing:

01 - Jacob's Ladder​
02 - Working Man​
03 - Finding My Way​
04 - Anthem​
05 - Bastille Day​
06 - In The Mood​
07 - Drum Solo​
08 - La Villa Strangiato​
09 - Outro​


  • The master tape from which this soundboard recording originated from is labeled Side 3 and Side 4, so a recording of the entire concert did at least exist at one point in time.
  • The origins of this tape's existence are a complete mystery to most people online, however there is a real backstory that was initially provided by the person who had long owned the master tape. (Thanks to "Analog Kid Audio Video" for providing the following information)
  • In 1980, there was a young fan who had a relative in the music business, and as such was able to go into an arena while Rush's stage was being built for one of their concerts during the Permanent Waves tour (not in Poughkeepsie). While having early access to the arena, he was given a tour of the stage by someone associated with the band, and ended up being given various mementos, one being this tape. The person who gave this tape to the young fan probably did not think it would ever end up being heard by many people, otherwise they may have not even gave it away in the first place. This was the only tape received by the young fan, not the first half, nor any other concerts, so there is no reason for anyone to believe the first half of this show may eventually turn up. If the first half still exists, it is possibly sitting in Rush's tape archives, as we know they tended to record various soundchecks and concerts from the early 1980s and onward for personal/professional use, to review their sound and so on. However, it is also possible the first half of this show was overwritten a long time ago. Either way, it is highly unlikely we will ever hear it.