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26 April 1994 - USAir Arena, Largo, Maryland [Audio - Audience / Soundboard]

By-Tor X-1

Staff member

1994-04-26 - Largo, Maryland (Audience + Soundboard Merge) *recommended*
A Darker Light (Audience + Soundboard Merge)
Darkness And Light (Incomplete Soundboard Recording)
Lock, Stock And Barrelled (Complete Audience Recording)

Track Listing:

01 - Dreamline
02 - The Spirit Of Radio
03 - The Analog Kid
04 - Cold Fire
05 - Time Stand Still
06 - Nobody's Hero
07 - Roll The Bones
08 - Animate
09 - Stick It Out
10 - Double Agent
11 - Limelight
12 - Bravado
13 - Mystic Rhythms
14 - Closer To The Heart
15 - Show Don't Tell
16 - Leave That Thing Alone
17 - Drum Solo
18 - The Trees
19 - Xanadu
20 - Hemispheres: Prelude
21 - Tom Sawyer
22 - YYZ
23 - Cygnus X-1 (Outro)

The first portion of the recommended downlaod (Track 1-8) is from an audience recording, while the second portion (Track 9-23) was recorded from the soundboard.
The entire concert was recorded via the audience (minus Tom Sawyer), however the soundboard recording did not capture any songs prior to Stick It Out.
The recommended version combines the two sources into one complete show.
Force Ten is NOT missing from this recording, the truth is that the band did not play the song during this show, being the only show of the Counterparts tour that Force Ten was omitted.
Geddy is clearly very sick during this show, as his voice sounds really rough and gets progressively worse further in.
Official tour listings note that the very next concert (April 27) after this performance was cancelled due to Geddy's illness, and this recording leaves you with no questions as to why.
My guess as to why Force Ten was omitted, Geddy probably didn't want to power his voice through another song, so they just went straight into YYZ for the encore to finish the show.