25 November 1984 - NBC Arena, Honolulu, Hawaii [Audio - Soundboard]

By-Tor X-1

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Track Listing:

01 - Subdivisions
02 - The Body Electric
03 - The Enemy Within
04 - The Weapon
05 - Witch Hunt
06 - New World Man
07 - Between The Wheels
08 - Red Barchetta
09 - Distant Early Warning
10 - Red Sector A
11 - Closer To The Heart
12 - YYZ
13 - Drum Solo
14 - YYZ (Reprise)
15 - 2112: Temples Of Syrinx
16 - Tom Sawyer
17 - Red Lenses

This is the very last show of the Grace Under Pressure tour.
This recording is missing The Spirit Of Radio and the first few seconds of Subdivisions at the beginning, and missing Vital Signs, Finding My Way, and In The Mood at the end.

Bootleg Titles:
Hawaiian Under Pressure


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I could be wrong, but this one sounds less like a soundboard, and more like a monitor mix. Compared to other soundboards I've heard, this one hears really sterile in comparison. It seems to be focusing much more on Geddy and Neil than Alex.
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