25 June 1984 - MECCA Arena, Milwaukee, Wisconsin [Audio - Audience]

By-Tor X-1

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Download [FLAC/MP3]:

Track Listing:

01 - The Spirit Of Radio
02 - Subdivisions
03 - The Body Electric
04 - The Enemy Within
05 - The Weapon
06 - Witch Hunt
07 - New World Man
08 - Between The Wheels
09 - Red Barchetta
10 - Distant Early Warning
11 - Red Sector A
12 - Closer To The Heart
13 - Afterimage
14 - YYZ
15 - 2112: Temples Of Syrinx
16 - Tom Sawyer
17 - Red Lenses / Drum Solo
18 - Vital Signs
19 - Finding My Way
20 - In The Mood

This is among one of the best sounding recordings from the GUP tour, and overall one of the best sounding audience recordings from any tour.

Bootleg Titles:
Experience To Extremes




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Supposedly, this channel was the original owner of the master. Here is a higher-quality version of the boot he has posted on his Youtube channel (I don't think he has posted FLAC files for this specific upload, but he may if he is reached out to):

EDIT: It may also be worth reaching out to him for remasters of the Power Windows concert at that same location (presumably the same person made it).


By-Tor X-1

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Thank you for sharing this information! I'll definitely look into it and see if he has the files for those two concerts available.