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Audio 23 August 1977 - Exhibition Stadium, Toronto, Ontario [Audience]

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Syrinx Computers


Track Listing:

01 - Intro​
02 - Bastille Day​
03 - Lakeside Park​
04 - By-Tor And The Snow Dog​
05 - Xanadu​
06 - A Farewell To Kings​
07 - Something For Nothing​
08 - Cygnus X-1​
09 - Anthem​
10 - Closer To The Heart​
11 - 2112​
12 - Working Man​
13 - Fly By Night (cut)​
14 - Drum Solo (cut)​
15 - Best I Can​


  • This is the earliest known recording from the A Farewell To Kings tour, being only the fourth show of the tour.
  • Therefore, this is the earliest known live recordings of A Farewell To Kings, Cygnus X-1, and Closer To The Heart.
  • Unlike all other known recordings from later dates of the AFTK tour, Best I Can is performed for the second encore rather than Cinderella Man.
  • This recording cuts off during Fly By Night, so is missing In The Mood which would have followed, then starts again during the drum solo. When the recording starts again you can faintly hear that it was taped over Max Webster, the opening act for the show.


I have it on good authority and in fact have a copy of a Toronto news article that this show on this date is in fact, the beginning of the RUSH A Farewell To Kings Tour. Again, it is discovered by my inquiries (I don't mean to seem braggy, it's just I am of the mind to write and present something nice for Alex's 70th Birthday this year, which is 2 days before the of the release of AFTK that is August 29, 1977). Initially, I wasn't sure I would do it, but I thinks it's going to happen. I'm writing another research document, this time on A Farewell to Kings. Why? Because over the past year to the date as of last night August 15th, when I first found that obscure photograph of Alex, Neil and Geddy at the Calgary Stampede Corral that remains unclaimed and unaccounted for as of today yet, the one that made me cry and bawl my eyes out because I knew I was there. Because I recently found a picture of me standing and leaning on the stage in front of Max Webster from that night, Sunday September 11, 1977, I want to record the timeline from my pov. I thought you would like to know as I am going to, once again, use your video in my publication and will cite you accordingly, of course. It should go live, as I plan it to be finished on perhaps I think Alex's Birthday August 27th, 2023. I want to give him something special on his day like I did with my Neil Peart quote art I commissioned from Kevin J Anderson that we presented over Twitter on July 29, 2020 in memory of Neil joining the band on Geddy's birthday. Talk to you, soon. Your friend, Alice.