22 September 1979 - New Bingley Hall, Stafford, England [Audio - Audience]

By-Tor X-1

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FLAC / MP3 -improved reupload coming soon (18 May 2022)

Track Listing:

01 - 2112
02 - A Passage To Bangkok
03 - By-Tor And The Snow Dog
04 - Xanadu
05 - The Spirit Of Radio
06 - The Trees
07 - Cygnus X-1
08 - Hemispheres
09 - Freewill
10 - Working Man
11 - Finding My Way
12 - Anthem
13 - Bastille Day
14 - In The Mood
15 - Drum Solo
16 - La Villa Strangiato

Early live versions of The Spirit Of Radio and Freewill.
Rush's final performance of the 1970s, final unabridged performance of 2112 (without Oracle: The Dream) until the T4E tour in 1996, final unabridged performance of Cygnus X-1, and final performance of Hemispheres to include Apollo (already abridged to exclude Dionysus following the Hemispheres tour).
Closer To The Heart was originally part of this recording, but the files I possess do not included the track. I will re-upload if I come across it one day, however I haven't yet met a bootleg collector that possesses this recording without the missing track.

Bootleg Titles:
One Night In Stafford



Moonlit Knight

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I think this recording is kind of sped up, just going by how Spirit of Radio sounds. (Sorry to keep saying this on random recordings lol, just going through the tours to check audio quality).

By-Tor X-1

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Wow, I must've never actually listened to this one? that's weird. I was just listening to 2112, and the super high pitch was an immediate red flag, then I started realizing how fast they seem to be playing.

Like I said the other day on that PoW warmup show you commented on, when I first obtained the master Rush hard drive, I was trying to get so many rare shows uploaded as quick as possible before I started realizing a lot more of these needed work than I initially assumed. I'm a bit embarrassed by some of these shows I rushed out last year. This was one of the shows I uploaded before I started paying special attention and care to every show to correct any flaws I can. So when I revisit these recordings in my chronological work-through (this particular show should be relatively soon since I'll be starting on the Hemispheres tour soon), I will reupload the file downloads and YouTube video.