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2022 Performances

Cygnus X1

Hello I was wondering. i was thinking of making a thread for the preformances at both the south park 25th and also taylor hawkins preformance. do i need permisson or do you make them
I was planning to do something with these three performances, I’m just not 100% sure how I want to execute it at the moment. I’m probably going to do an individual thread for each performance, and link the best YouTube videos of each, multiple if necessary.

I need to be careful if I feature any downloads, I probably can’t be having downloads of official releases. There are some audio bootlegs, which I may upload for download. Otherwise, my posts will be mainly linking the best videos I can find.

So to answer your question, yes I will be doing something myself at some point. With that being said, you can always comment on the posts I end up making if you have other videos to share that I may have missed.