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20 October 1977 - Music Hall, Houston, Texas [Audio - Audience]

By-Tor X-1

Staff member

1977-10-20 - Houston, Texas *recommended*
The Magic Hall

Track Listing:

01 - Bastille Day
02 - Lakeside Park
03 - By-Tor And The Snow Dog
04 - Xanadu (cut)
05 - A Farewell To Kings
06 - Something For Nothing
07 - Cygnus X-1
08 - Anthem
09 - Closer To The Heart
10 - 2112 (cut)
11 - 2112: Grand Finale (ATWAS Filler)

This recording cuts off about 8.5 minutes into Xanadu, but starts again in time for A Farewell To Kings.
This recording cuts off immediately after the Soliloquy of 2112, so is missing 2112's Grand Finale, Working Man, Fly By Night, In The Mood, Neil's drum solo, and Cinderella Man.
Old bootleg releases add in a copy of Grand Finale from the official All The World's A Stage live album.
I initially was going to remove Grand Finale from these files, but I left it in since ending abruptly with the end of Soliloquy was a bit jarring, so I can see why it was added to help round off the end.