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15 November 1978 - Warnors Theatre, Fresno, California [Audio - Audience]

By-Tor X-1

Staff member

1978-11-15 - Fresno, California *recommended*
Cut Trees
Looking Down From Olympus
Tour Of The Hemispheres
Universe Divided (DR)

Track Listing:

01 - Anthem
02 - A Passage To Bangkok
03 - By-Tor And The Snow Dog
04 - Xanadu
05 - Something For Nothing
06 - The Trees
07 - Cygnus X-1
08 - Hemispheres
09 - Closer To The Heart
10 - Circumstances
11 - A Farewell To Kings
12 - La Villa Strangiato
13 - 2112

This recording cuts off after 2112, so is missing the encore medley of Working Man, Bastille Day, In The Mood, and Neil's drum solo.
There is also a very short cut at the end of Hemispheres during The Sphere.
The recommended version is a first generation source of this recording, therefore the best sounding version available.
For some versions of this recording, the encore medley tracks from the November 4 Vancouver show were copied over to "complete" this concert.
However, for the recommended version I have removed those extra tracks since they were from a completely different concert, which is also already uploaded in its entirety on this site.